What is the KSFY Sport Expo?

In recent years, there has been increased attention on the dangers of excessive gaming by adolescent children. Not all gaming is bad and when done so responsibly, there are certainly benefits to a young adult such as learning to work within a team structure. However there still remains many negative effects of excessive gaming.

According to an article published at Livestrong.com, “The Negative Effects of Video Game Addiction,” compulsive video addiction can lead to health problems, increased aggression, and poor performance in school. In addition, one of the bigger problems that can arise from video addiction is the impact it has on a child’s relationships with friends and family.

The purpose of the KSFY Sport Expo remains to promote healthy, active lifestyles for children and parents alike. However, it also serves to introduce parents and their children to the many alternatives to spending excessive amounts of their lives in front of a video screen.

In November 2018, KSFY hosted a poll on our website, asking respondents about their children’s gaming activities. While unscientific (51 respondents), the findings mirrored what other studies are showing, and that is the fact that more and more parents feel their children are spending too much time gaming.

In our poll, 98% of respondents said their children spent time gaming, with 75% saying they felt they gamed to much. Almost half of respondents, 46%, said their children game 3-4 hours a day, and 32% game 5+ hours a day. The survey went on to point out that 66% of parents felt gaming affected heir child’s personality, and 58% said it impacted their sleep. Lastly, 62% indicated they felt their child’s performance in school was impacted by excessive gaming.

It’s a Big World Out There, Go Play In It!

We all know there is more to do than spend the day in front of a video game screen. The Expo provides vendors the opportunity to get in front of families, let them experience the activities available in our communities, our schools, and our state.